I am not a fan of worksheets! They bore the kids and they bore me! If I can find a way to turn a worksheet into a game or other form of active learning, that's what I'll do.

I end up making most of my own games and activities because most of the ones I have found pre-made are either:
(1) too trivia-ish and if I have not taught those specific examples they are not good study aids for my students
(2) not enough learning during the game.

My goal is to make games and activities that let the students practice skills, even if specific content and examples given in class were different.

I believe students need to be engaged during lecture so for my 10th grade chemistry, I use guided/interactive notes - students are required to have their pencils down and listen and interact with the material before finally writing it down in their own words.

I believe some things need to be directly taught, and other concepts lend themselves toward VERY guided inquiry and I try to use both strategies depending on the topic or the level of my students.

Teaching Experience:

I have taught middle school and high school science for the past 16 years, and Chemistry for most of that. The past 4 years I have been teaching AP Chemistry, with a large number of students receiving 4's and 5's. I taught in the US for 12 years in 3 different states, and have been at an international school in Malaysia for the past 4 years.